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Tips and Tricks For a Fast Loading Website

by Webbie on 07/22/13

Author: Website For Business

Know the tips and tricks for a fast loading website. In this busy Internet world, websites have become an important means to let others know about the business and its offerings. If someone searches for an information or a product and your website is there in the search results. It is of no use if the site is not loading fast when the user visits. Because of this, the visitor closes the site and looks for another option to get the information he is looking for. As a business owner, you may lose traffic for your website and also a valuable customer.

Included here are some tips and tricks to make website load faster. These tips are a great help for everyone, especiallyfor a designer or a developer, in developing a successful optimized website.

Optimize HTML code
Make sure that the site doesn't have any unused lines of codes or HTML tags, white spaces, and comments when it is live. Broken links and errors should be removed. Use W3C validator to check code for errors and remove accordingly (if any). Text formatting tags and attributes can be included in an external CSS instead of adding as inline or internal. Also try usingdiv tags instead of tables for better load time.

Minimize using graphics, flash, and scripts
Minimize the use of graphics and flash on a site. If the whole site is designed using flash it will look great and gorgeous but will take time to load. Instead can embed flash in HTML if necessary. JavaScript code can be added in an external .js file. This way extra lines of codes are removed and also managing the script is easier. Also compress the code by removing line breaks and comments.

Reduce image sizes
Whatever be the website, whether it is a dynamic or a static, a commercial or an industrial, you will be using images at some point or the other. You will have images in the home page, inner pages or as featured blog image. Whatever it is, you need to consider compressing images for web quality. Images should be scaled according to the dimensions that the HTML code uses.

Keep in mind the tricks and tips in developing a fast loading website. Hiring a professional web development firm can help customers get websites that meet international standards. Such a firm is aware of the latest updates in the industry and adopts modern technology features in creating a successful site.

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Web development California based firm providing website design San Jose based services. Know the importance of website and hire a professional firm providing customized solutions meeting international standards.

Relevant 12 SEO Advices for Any Local Business Website

by Webbie on 05/28/13

Author: Myles Anderson

Local business websites can pursue diverse interface, looks, themes, and concepts to introduce a merchandize or service to their buyers. There are 4 media available to showcase local business' strong points on the Web: text, photo, audio, and video. Irrespective of the local business' online advertising budget and the shape and style of the website, all efforts will be zero if no one can find it on the Internet. Local business websites can't achieve its ultimate purpose without employing local SEO tips that work.

The top SEO tips you must remember to apply on your local business website is to make it a unique representative of your establishment on the Net. This is the most important; the remaining SEO tips, although important, are secondary. Being unique in the right way accomplishes the ultimate aim of employing top SEO tips: to gather new site visitors. If your big focus in designing and writing your website is to attract Google's crawler only, you can't attain your aim for sure. In the same manner that you can't accomplish this purpose if only people can read your site and search engine crawlers can't.

If you're to achieve your goal of having a business website, you have to employ SEO techniques that can optimize your website's chance of being found on the Web by humans and search engine crawlers. Here are twelve essential SEO tips that all website owners must learn if only to put their marketing budget into good use.

12 Top SEO Tips for Local Business Website

1. Put address on each page

Not only will your human users appreciate seeing your business address on each of your website pages, Google, Yahoo, Bing and others love to index websites with obvious address their website pages too. Also, adding your business address on all your website pages will boost your chance to invite new walk-in clients to your business. For many business locations, placing one address on one of your webpage ensures all your businesses addresses get displayed on Web.

2. Put keywords on al website pages

Human visitors can tell the quality of your website pages by just setting a glance on them. But search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are nowhere near humans in judging the relevancy of a webpage. Instead, search engines look for keywords on a webpage to tell its topic. Putting keywords is vital because it helps search engines' crawlers put your webpage in perspective. Don't let a bold, bordering crazy, local SEO expert advise you to drop keywords because they're no longer included in the top SEO tips—they're mistaken.

3. Use keywords in meta descriptions and title

Have you seen that description below a search engine query results listing: that's a meta description. Although they will not improve your page rank on major search engines, meta descriptions have real role in inviting attention to your site. When people browse through the search results list, they don't click the results at random. Instead, they take notice of the meta description to check whether the website has the information they're seeking for. But, the keyword on the title can change your PR. Therefore, it's critical that you insert keywords not just on your meta description but on the title too. (Notice how search engines highlights search keywords on a meta description?)

4. Use H1 and H2 tags and alternate text for images

Applying keywords on the h1 and h2 tags and using image alternative text are vital local SEO tips that all local SEO, London or anywhere else in the world, suggest. Keywords on H1 and H2 tags can impact your business website's rank than keywords on the body of a web article itself. And since search engines can't index image files, they read the alternative text put on the image file instead.

5. Publish a sitemap

A sitemap acts as the site's building directory; putting floor or section description by putting a metadata for each URL will complete your sitemap. A sitemap is a webpage that lets major search engines recognize the rest of your website pages to index. Adding a sitemap is a vital SEO technique that allows search engines to index all your website pages through the metadata description in a page.

6. Place address and contact-us page for each location

When you add your address and contact-us page for all of your business address on your website, not only will your clients locate you easily, search engines rank your site up on their search results too. Both people and search engine crawlers can tell and trust business sites that show address and contact-us page better than those that don't.

7. Link Google map into your contact-us page

It's a fact, 70% of people search for local businesses on the net. That's why Google considers Google map to figure out the importance of a website. If you're not incorporating Google map to the contact-us page, you could be missing vital local SEO tips that can determine whether your buyers can see you on the Web or not. Google map can incorporate metadata description such as your business address, phone number, and more pertinent information that search engines can crawl.

8. Inter link website pages with the right anchor text

Cross linking your site's important internal pages inside your site itself is among important local SEO tips. Internally linking some vital website pages on your homepage using the right anchor text instructs search engines that the pages are significant and that they need to index them often times. Internal links have the same result as external links on a site's rank, so make sure you have a number internal links with appropriate anchor text. The right anchor text must hold your keywords in it.

9. Place freebee conspicuously on top of each page

People like taking promotional gift or discount coupons. Search engines know this fact so they parse the words that may indicate a special offer on each website pages. It means enclosing promotional items keywords (i.e. gift, promo, freebee, coupon) on your meta description and content is a good SEO strategy.

10. Place phone number and address conspicuously on top website pages

Clients searching for local establishments on the Web want to get a contact number to call or a physical address to visit. If they can't find your business' contact number or address readily on each pages, they'll quickly search for business sites that have what they're looking for.

11. Display customer testimonies and reviews on your site

With the throng of questionable SEO tips that are coming out, search engines are incessantly searching for ways to judge whether a site deserves the to be rank or not. The best means is to search for positive reviews of a website on the Internet. That's why showing client testimonies and reviews on a local business website are among the top SEO tips a site owner must follow. Though Google denies using testimonials and reviews as one of their meters for ranking a website, SEO experts observed a large correlation between high page rank and glowing customer testimonies and reviews on a website.

12. Incorporate Google Analytics to track your SEO campaigns

The good thing about SEO is that its effects are measurable quantitatively. To measure your SEO performance and to closely check which of your search engine optimization efforts have good outcome, install Google Analytics on your website. One important reason you need Google Analytics on your site is that it will let you to check which keywords customers are seeking for from your website. Use this information to better plan your search engine optimization efforts: i.e. bank and develop keywords that give you more online visits and those keywords that don't work.

Using top SEO tips is the foundation of all websites. No website can continue to function as a 21st marketing tool to attract a large number of new clients if the SEO techniques deployed are obsolete. But for a newbie, deploying local SEO tips can be perplexing, expensive, and outright time consuming. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and loss income, however, if you can perfect your online directory listing by deploying tested and proven SEO tools like Local SEO Check-up Tool and DirectoryRunner.

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Myles Anderson is the co-founder of After working with big company names like Freeserve, eHarmony, and Orange, he turned his attention to helping all sorts of local businesses attract new customers through business directory listings and other local search engine marketing tools.

Small Business Websites - Why You Need Them If You Want To Make Money

by Webbie on 05/22/13

Author: Small Business Resource Queen

Affordable Small Business Websites That Meet Your Every Need

As a small business owner you know that you cant afford to not be ahead or at least on par with the competition right? Well if you're a small business owner don't have a small business websites yet, stick around.

So lets take an example, lets say you are a Plumber in the city of Long Beach, CA and someone has a slab leak, that someone is most likely gonna go onto his computer and type in Slab Leak Plumber near Long Beach, CA, right? Well if you don't have a website then you will not come up and you are invisible to potential clients searching the internet. On the other hand your competition that do have small business websites will come up and you just lost yourself some new business!

Now we both know that you didn't start up your business to let the competition trample you down now did you!?

You may think that creating a small business website is a complicated, expensive deal? If that is what you think then you are making a big mistake. Today, getting a website up and running is simple, quick and CHEAP!

Get Your Small Business Websites HERE

If it isn't obvious enough why you need a website for your small business then let me elaborate on a few other good reasons. Besides gaining new business from the internet, people searching for your company online would like to see a nice, professional looking website to make them feel better about purchasing your product or services. When you go to buy a new car would you rather the showroom be old, smelly and not well kept or a nice, new, modern styled and professional showroom? Your website is your image to customers on the internet and you want your small business to have a good image right?

Another great thing about small business websites that people don't think about is that once you have it up and running you can list the website on your promotional materials such as business cards, flyers and even banners! Most people that see a banner will most likely just go on your website to see the list of products or services that you offer before they actually come in to ask about it. This way you are converting more potential clients into money... If you are driving down then road and see a banner for a plumber and a phone number, are you really going to call to see what he offers? No. But if there is a website that is easy to remember you will most likely go online and see what services that plumber offers.

In conclusion I think it is obvious as to why your company needs a small business website. But even if it isn't, do your research, look up your competition online and see if it makes sense for you!

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About the Author

Hey Gang my name is Dana aka Small Business Resource Queen. For five years now I have been gathering up resources for small business owners and posting them online. I take pride in my work and my main goal is to help small business maximize their potential in this rough economy.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or feedback!

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Grow your Website Business through SEO Services provided by SEO firms

by Webbie on 05/20/13

Author: seosteve

With the increasing number of websites engaged in e-commerce and online business, there is also the need of effective publicising of websites. For all those people whose business is heavily dependent on online interactions, it is crucial to get higher number of effective visitors for their website. This is where SEO firms come in. These firms aim at repackaging the websites to attract more traffic and hence increase the business. Investing money in an SEO company is definitely beneficial in the long-run. Several SEO company New York work with the aim of providing SEO services at affordable prices to business ventures of all sizes, for giving them higher exposure than before.

Many times it occurs that despite the best of efforts, modern-day entrepreneurs are unable to get the desired outcomes out of their business ventures. One of the reasons behind this is lack of the right technology for effective promotion, which can be overcome by opting for SEO New York services. Search Engine Optimisation specialists provide numerous services and strategies to help websites build a strong client base. It is a powerful tool to divert more traffic to any website. This requires a lot of hard work and detailing, which makes SEO industry a niche despite being less than a decade old. Utilizing SEO services is one of the best ways to optimize any online business in a short time. By investing a small amount of money, one can get their site popularised. There are a lot of local and global SEO firms offering their services, and SEO NYC is extremely popular for the efficient services offered.

Here are some of the services offered by Search Engine Optimisation specialists that can increase the search engine exposure of anyone's website:

  • Link building: using good link building strategies, the SEO firms can bring more business to websites. Link building is essentially the process wherein the anchor text carries a keyword that links to relevant websites. The procedure is basically about linking to reputed websites, and a good link building campaign must be provided by the SEO Company.
  • Keyword research: keywords are essentially the framework over which search engine optimisation works. Choosing the best keywords help in getting a high ranking in search results. This is a tedious process which is best done by technical experts from SEO New York. Quality visitors will access websites with the right keywords being chosen by the SEO service, although one has to co-operate with them initially to make them understand about the nature of website, business and the targeted audience.
  • Social media marketing: social media is equally important to connect to a higher number of clients. A good SEO Company New York will provide social media marketing service in addition to the usual SEO services. This helps in connecting with more people.

The best SEO firms will use ethical techniques to change the look of the website, work on optimisation by selecting high-ranking keywords and work in a transparent manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

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About the Author

We are the best SEO company providing the best SEO/Search Engine Optimization services to promote your websites business. For more info on Search Engine Optimisation specialists and SEO New York , Seo Firms visit our website

5 Key Ingredients Every Restaurant Website Must Have

by Webbie on 05/17/13

Author: Elation Websites

Every restaurant website has one main goal and that is to attract customers. All too often, I see poorly designed restaurant websites that are missing the key ingredients needed to successfully convert visitors to customers.

What are the key ingredients in a successful restaurant website? Here are the 5 things that every restaurant website needs to have to maximize its chances of converting website traffic into paying customers.

1. Map and Directions

Don't make it difficult for people to find where your restaurant is located. Instead of only listing the address on your website, display an easy-to-read map and directions, so that your customers can quickly find your restaurant. The easiest and quickest way to display a map to your restaurant is to use Google Maps and embed it on your website.

2. An Accessible Restaurant Menu

If your restaurant website doesn't include the menu with the prices – do it now! Your menu is the main marketing tool on your website and your opportunity to make mouths water, so don't forget to include some enticing pictures of your dishes.

The key thing here is to make your menu accessible. All too often I see restaurants take the lazy approach and upload a PDF copy of their menu. PDFs take an agonizingly, long time to load, especially if people are trying to view your menu from their mobile phones. PDFs also provide no search engine optimization (SEO) benefits for your website.

My advice is to take the extra time to create a dedicated menu page on your website. Make sure your menu page includes descriptions of the food, any specials or promotions and appealing photos of your dishes.

3. A Photo Gallery of your Restaurant and Food

People love to see what the restaurant looks like before they decide to eat there. That is why every restaurant website needs to have a photo gallery. Hire a professional photographer to come during one of your restaurant's busy times and capture the ambiance, decor and dishes that make your restaurant unique. Then display the photos on your website in a simple photo gallery.

Pictures are worth a thousands words and great pictures are invaluable for convincing people to come to your restaurant.

4. An Effective, Restaurant Homepage

Your homepage is the most important page on your website because it makes the first impression. Within seconds of arriving to your homepage, a person will decide if it is worth their time to look through the rest of your site.

So how do you make sure your homepage is engaging?

Firstly, your homepage needs to display a prominent photo of your restaurant. Pick a really great picture of your restaurant or perhaps a signature dish and make sure it is the first thing people see when they come to your website.

You also need to have some well-written copy to complement your image. The copy should tell people what your restaurant is about and how it is different from other restaurant experiences. Make sure the content is short and compelling. If the content is too long, people will simply not take the time to read it.

Finally, beside your main image or your marketing copy, you need to include a strong call to action. A call to action is a link or a button that encourages the person viewing your homepage to click to another page. Examples of good calls to actions for a restaurant website would be:

  • View our delicious menu and weekly specials (links to your menu page)
  • Take a tour of our restaurant (links to your photo gallery page)
  • Make a reservation for your next event (links to your contact us page)

5. Reservation Information on Every Page

Every restaurant website needs a dedicated area for making reservations on each page of their website.

If you are able to install an online reservation system on your restaurant website, that would be the ideal solution. Another way to accept reservations online is to use which is free to use. However, if you don't want to bother with online reservations at the moment, just display a phone number that people can use to make a reservation directly.

The main point here is to make the reservation information highly visible on every page. The most effective place to put your reservation info is at the top of your website, near your main navigation. This makes the information easy to spot for your visitors and they will appreciate you for it.

Bonus tip: Hours of Operation

It is a common mistake for many restaurant websites to not have their hours of operation posted. Showing the hours of operation of your restaurant saves your customers a phone call and also saves your staff from having to answer the phone many times throughout the day.

This concludes my list of things every restaurant website must have. There are many other helpful tips and strategies for making your restaurant website successful, but these are the key things that every restaurant website should never be without.

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About the Author

Elation Websites specializes in providing affordable websites for businesses. We have over a decade of experience designing, award-winning websites and marketing online for a wide-range of industries such as restaurants.

If you are a restaurant owner looking for a new website for your establishment, have Elation Websites design and create a restaurant website for you, risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee!

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Just Some of the Guidlines We Use - Thanks For Sharing

by Webbie on 05/17/13

Web Development: 5 Tips for a Successful Website

Author: Website For Business

Web development is not simply creating a template, adding pages, and creating logos. It includes many things to consider from initial planning to website design, development, implementation, and more. A proper analysis and planning is important for a good and effective site. Included here are 5 important tips for a successful website.

Build Websites for the User
Know about the user and build websites for the user. It doesn't matter whether it is a shopping site, an informative or a business site, always keep in mind the type of users visiting the site and create site for them. The designs should be appealing and should convey the marketing message effectively to the users. Content should be unique and relevant to the page, product or service so that the users find it interesting and informative.

Make Navigation Simple
Website navigation is an integral part that cannot be avoided while developing a site. Always create simple menus and navigation bars by including important pages linked from main menu, categorizing menus, and so on. For larger websites, include a search box in the right top so that customers can search and get the relevant pages. Sitemaps are important for web pages to arrange in a logical manner, which help visitors and search engines for easy navigation.

Make Website Speed Faster
Make sure that the pages are loading faster even with dial-up connections. Not all users visiting the site will have a fast Internet connection. If pages are not loading faster it is of no use how attractive the designs for your website. Google recommends monitoring site performance using tools such as PageSpeed, YSlow, and WebPagetest.

Before building a component or functionality, ask a question to yourself whether it is really needed for the site. If you are implementing a blog or a forum make sure all functions work properly and create a great user experience. For those need an eCommerce functionality, make sure that the payment options, product and order management, and everything related with sales meet the standards.

Browser Compatibility Check
Make sure website is compatible across various web and mobile platforms. Once site is created, review its appearance and functionality in various browsers to check whether users get the same experience in all browsers.

A professional web development firm knows the tips and tactics in creating an effective and successful website. Developing a good website requires effort and skills from designing to coding and the entire development process.

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About the Author

California web development firm providing custom web development in San Jose and throughout the US. Website design, mobile applications, SEO services, and more.