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Just Some of the Guidlines We Use - Thanks For Sharing

by Webbie on 05/17/13

Web Development: 5 Tips for a Successful Website

Author: Website For Business

Web development is not simply creating a template, adding pages, and creating logos. It includes many things to consider from initial planning to website design, development, implementation, and more. A proper analysis and planning is important for a good and effective site. Included here are 5 important tips for a successful website.

Build Websites for the User
Know about the user and build websites for the user. It doesn't matter whether it is a shopping site, an informative or a business site, always keep in mind the type of users visiting the site and create site for them. The designs should be appealing and should convey the marketing message effectively to the users. Content should be unique and relevant to the page, product or service so that the users find it interesting and informative.

Make Navigation Simple
Website navigation is an integral part that cannot be avoided while developing a site. Always create simple menus and navigation bars by including important pages linked from main menu, categorizing menus, and so on. For larger websites, include a search box in the right top so that customers can search and get the relevant pages. Sitemaps are important for web pages to arrange in a logical manner, which help visitors and search engines for easy navigation.

Make Website Speed Faster
Make sure that the pages are loading faster even with dial-up connections. Not all users visiting the site will have a fast Internet connection. If pages are not loading faster it is of no use how attractive the designs for your website. Google recommends monitoring site performance using tools such as PageSpeed, YSlow, and WebPagetest.

Before building a component or functionality, ask a question to yourself whether it is really needed for the site. If you are implementing a blog or a forum make sure all functions work properly and create a great user experience. For those need an eCommerce functionality, make sure that the payment options, product and order management, and everything related with sales meet the standards.

Browser Compatibility Check
Make sure website is compatible across various web and mobile platforms. Once site is created, review its appearance and functionality in various browsers to check whether users get the same experience in all browsers.

A professional web development firm knows the tips and tactics in creating an effective and successful website. Developing a good website requires effort and skills from designing to coding and the entire development process.

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