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Relevant 12 SEO Advices for Any Local Business Website

by Webbie on 05/28/13

Author: Myles Anderson

Local business websites can pursue diverse interface, looks, themes, and concepts to introduce a merchandize or service to their buyers. There are 4 media available to showcase local business' strong points on the Web: text, photo, audio, and video. Irrespective of the local business' online advertising budget and the shape and style of the website, all efforts will be zero if no one can find it on the Internet. Local business websites can't achieve its ultimate purpose without employing local SEO tips that work.

The top SEO tips you must remember to apply on your local business website is to make it a unique representative of your establishment on the Net. This is the most important; the remaining SEO tips, although important, are secondary. Being unique in the right way accomplishes the ultimate aim of employing top SEO tips: to gather new site visitors. If your big focus in designing and writing your website is to attract Google's crawler only, you can't attain your aim for sure. In the same manner that you can't accomplish this purpose if only people can read your site and search engine crawlers can't.

If you're to achieve your goal of having a business website, you have to employ SEO techniques that can optimize your website's chance of being found on the Web by humans and search engine crawlers. Here are twelve essential SEO tips that all website owners must learn if only to put their marketing budget into good use.

12 Top SEO Tips for Local Business Website

1. Put address on each page

Not only will your human users appreciate seeing your business address on each of your website pages, Google, Yahoo, Bing and others love to index websites with obvious address their website pages too. Also, adding your business address on all your website pages will boost your chance to invite new walk-in clients to your business. For many business locations, placing one address on one of your webpage ensures all your businesses addresses get displayed on Web.

2. Put keywords on al website pages

Human visitors can tell the quality of your website pages by just setting a glance on them. But search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are nowhere near humans in judging the relevancy of a webpage. Instead, search engines look for keywords on a webpage to tell its topic. Putting keywords is vital because it helps search engines' crawlers put your webpage in perspective. Don't let a bold, bordering crazy, local SEO expert advise you to drop keywords because they're no longer included in the top SEO tips—they're mistaken.

3. Use keywords in meta descriptions and title

Have you seen that description below a search engine query results listing: that's a meta description. Although they will not improve your page rank on major search engines, meta descriptions have real role in inviting attention to your site. When people browse through the search results list, they don't click the results at random. Instead, they take notice of the meta description to check whether the website has the information they're seeking for. But, the keyword on the title can change your PR. Therefore, it's critical that you insert keywords not just on your meta description but on the title too. (Notice how search engines highlights search keywords on a meta description?)

4. Use H1 and H2 tags and alternate text for images

Applying keywords on the h1 and h2 tags and using image alternative text are vital local SEO tips that all local SEO, London or anywhere else in the world, suggest. Keywords on H1 and H2 tags can impact your business website's rank than keywords on the body of a web article itself. And since search engines can't index image files, they read the alternative text put on the image file instead.

5. Publish a sitemap

A sitemap acts as the site's building directory; putting floor or section description by putting a metadata for each URL will complete your sitemap. A sitemap is a webpage that lets major search engines recognize the rest of your website pages to index. Adding a sitemap is a vital SEO technique that allows search engines to index all your website pages through the metadata description in a page.

6. Place address and contact-us page for each location

When you add your address and contact-us page for all of your business address on your website, not only will your clients locate you easily, search engines rank your site up on their search results too. Both people and search engine crawlers can tell and trust business sites that show address and contact-us page better than those that don't.

7. Link Google map into your contact-us page

It's a fact, 70% of people search for local businesses on the net. That's why Google considers Google map to figure out the importance of a website. If you're not incorporating Google map to the contact-us page, you could be missing vital local SEO tips that can determine whether your buyers can see you on the Web or not. Google map can incorporate metadata description such as your business address, phone number, and more pertinent information that search engines can crawl.

8. Inter link website pages with the right anchor text

Cross linking your site's important internal pages inside your site itself is among important local SEO tips. Internally linking some vital website pages on your homepage using the right anchor text instructs search engines that the pages are significant and that they need to index them often times. Internal links have the same result as external links on a site's rank, so make sure you have a number internal links with appropriate anchor text. The right anchor text must hold your keywords in it.

9. Place freebee conspicuously on top of each page

People like taking promotional gift or discount coupons. Search engines know this fact so they parse the words that may indicate a special offer on each website pages. It means enclosing promotional items keywords (i.e. gift, promo, freebee, coupon) on your meta description and content is a good SEO strategy.

10. Place phone number and address conspicuously on top website pages

Clients searching for local establishments on the Web want to get a contact number to call or a physical address to visit. If they can't find your business' contact number or address readily on each pages, they'll quickly search for business sites that have what they're looking for.

11. Display customer testimonies and reviews on your site

With the throng of questionable SEO tips that are coming out, search engines are incessantly searching for ways to judge whether a site deserves the to be rank or not. The best means is to search for positive reviews of a website on the Internet. That's why showing client testimonies and reviews on a local business website are among the top SEO tips a site owner must follow. Though Google denies using testimonials and reviews as one of their meters for ranking a website, SEO experts observed a large correlation between high page rank and glowing customer testimonies and reviews on a website.

12. Incorporate Google Analytics to track your SEO campaigns

The good thing about SEO is that its effects are measurable quantitatively. To measure your SEO performance and to closely check which of your search engine optimization efforts have good outcome, install Google Analytics on your website. One important reason you need Google Analytics on your site is that it will let you to check which keywords customers are seeking for from your website. Use this information to better plan your search engine optimization efforts: i.e. bank and develop keywords that give you more online visits and those keywords that don't work.

Using top SEO tips is the foundation of all websites. No website can continue to function as a 21st marketing tool to attract a large number of new clients if the SEO techniques deployed are obsolete. But for a newbie, deploying local SEO tips can be perplexing, expensive, and outright time consuming. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and loss income, however, if you can perfect your online directory listing by deploying tested and proven SEO tools like Local SEO Check-up Tool and DirectoryRunner.

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