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Tips and Tricks For a Fast Loading Website

by Webbie on 07/22/13

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Know the tips and tricks for a fast loading website. In this busy Internet world, websites have become an important means to let others know about the business and its offerings. If someone searches for an information or a product and your website is there in the search results. It is of no use if the site is not loading fast when the user visits. Because of this, the visitor closes the site and looks for another option to get the information he is looking for. As a business owner, you may lose traffic for your website and also a valuable customer.

Included here are some tips and tricks to make website load faster. These tips are a great help for everyone, especiallyfor a designer or a developer, in developing a successful optimized website.

Optimize HTML code
Make sure that the site doesn't have any unused lines of codes or HTML tags, white spaces, and comments when it is live. Broken links and errors should be removed. Use W3C validator to check code for errors and remove accordingly (if any). Text formatting tags and attributes can be included in an external CSS instead of adding as inline or internal. Also try usingdiv tags instead of tables for better load time.

Minimize using graphics, flash, and scripts
Minimize the use of graphics and flash on a site. If the whole site is designed using flash it will look great and gorgeous but will take time to load. Instead can embed flash in HTML if necessary. JavaScript code can be added in an external .js file. This way extra lines of codes are removed and also managing the script is easier. Also compress the code by removing line breaks and comments.

Reduce image sizes
Whatever be the website, whether it is a dynamic or a static, a commercial or an industrial, you will be using images at some point or the other. You will have images in the home page, inner pages or as featured blog image. Whatever it is, you need to consider compressing images for web quality. Images should be scaled according to the dimensions that the HTML code uses.

Keep in mind the tricks and tips in developing a fast loading website. Hiring a professional web development firm can help customers get websites that meet international standards. Such a firm is aware of the latest updates in the industry and adopts modern technology features in creating a successful site.

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